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    Tailor-Made Sustainable
    Agriculture Investments

    Preserving wealth through ‘true-value’ tangible agricultural investments, with a long-term generational approach, located in the “Switzerland of South America”


    Stable, Safe, Income Producing
    and Appreciating Assets


    It's a turbulent world

    The world today is facing serious economic and political instability and uncertainty. Rocked by a global financial crisis, tumbling stock markets, rampant inflation, eroding equity portfolios and the value of traditional financial instruments, investors are facing unprecedented challenges.

    Fiscal and monetary chaos, currency devaluations and diminishing assets across virtually all classes show a disturbing correlation. Political instability and serious geo-political conflicts create a perilous environment.

    Southland360 provides stability

    We are proud to offer a unique solution and genuine alternative asset class in stable income producing and fast appreciating farmland: a stable rock in the raging sea of finance.

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    360 Concept

    An End-To-End Rural Assets
    Lifecycle Management Service


    Southland360 is an accredited team of recognized academics with over 50 years of combined experience, perfectly trained for providing tailor-made alternative investment solutions in Agriculture and Forestry in Uruguay.

    Our recognized international legal and farming experts will professionally advise you on an individual basis to identify and select the most appropriate agricultural or forestry investment that suits your personal needs and portfolio.

    We provide a full and complete range of services, including legal and tax advice in Uruguay, working with you and your trusted professional advisors to create the ideal structure and select the most appropriate agricultural investment for your specific needs.

    By providing an industry-unique investor educational service and understanding for our clients of this exciting new asset class, and carefully considering all important and critical aspects of choosing any type of investment in the ‘Black Gold’ of our earth correctly, we will assure you ultimate success.

    Our exceptional full-service approach
    to rural farm investments is unique.

    Due to the complexity and variety of farmland options
    and their commodification, the pre-investment stage
    is absolutely critical.

    Educating and Appropriate Selecting

    Pre investment


    Tailor made proposal

    Investment Monitoring

    Investment Life


    Succesfully Exit

    Flexible Expertise

    Dedicated professionals have the deep knowledge and expertise to guide clients through even the most complex scenarios. We are able to support clients wherever they are worldwide, in whatever language they prefer.

    Why invest in Agriculture?

    Agriculture continues to demonstrate long-term growth and stability across different jurisdictions and sectors. Investors enter the agricultural investment space for several reasons:

    • The search for security, investing in secure, developed markets providing quality farmland in reliable climatic zones.
    • Triple bottom-line approach, where financial, environmental and social factors are in focus. The best use of land is carefully considered, including carbon-farming practices and farmland optimization by integrating Ag-Tech solutions.
    • Long-term growth, regular income coupled with a sector typical stability, offering an increased long-term total return potential.
    • No correlation to traditional asset classes and the ultimate inflation hedge.
    • An absolute ‘Must’ for any portfolio diversification

    Transparency International ranked Uruguay the least corrupt Latin American country in its 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index. Anti-corruption statutes are enforced to prevent bribery and other corrupt practices.

    In terms of lifestyle, Uruguay has it all; from the cosmopolitan beachfront cafes and bars of Montevideo to the stunning and fashionable jet-set beach resorts of Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio -so hip, chic and cool they easily rival their European counterparts, St Tropez and Portofino, in all aspects.

    The country seems like a European enclave in South America, caught in a soothing time-warp; a fairy-tale like countryside with rolling hills, lakes and rivers, grazing cattle and abundance of peace and security. The absence of racial tensions and violence and extremely low crime-rate make Uruguay a rare gem in today’s world.

    It is also a playground for the world’s rich-and-famous, many of whom have discovered, and come to appreciate, the calm tranquillity and, above all, the safety of the country.  Uruguay, a ‘diamond in the rough’ has attracted many billionaire investors who have helped to shape and develop this paradise.

    World-famous chefs and haute cuisine restaurants allow Uruguay to boast some of the best food in the world. The country offers 5 Star luxury resorts, ranging from ravishing rustic wine lodges to ‘uber-cool’ and super-chic artist retreats.

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