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The purchase of a farm, whether crop, timber or cattle, requires a minimum investment of approximately US$ 1 Million in order to render the investment viable.

1 M

We offer 3 types of flexible investment options:

  1. Individual farm investments from US$ 1 Million and up .
  2. ‘Club deals’, where we structure farm ownership between up to 3 owners from US$ 500,000 and up .
  3. A Jersey, Channel Islands, registered and regulated Agricultural Investment Fund for a limited number of sophisticated investors from GBP 250,000 and up.

Southland360 adjusts to your investment criteria. We strategically provide innovative advice and promote state-of-the-art ethical and environmentally sound agriculture related investment opportunities.

We source real-asset farms exclusively in mature markets that have net exports of agricultural products. In addition, we ensure the farms respect sustainable farming methods and local and international conventions and laws. We offer a complete range of comprehensive farm management and advisory services to ensure the smooth and compliant operation of your farm investment.

Our unique comprehensive services:

  • Prior research & due diligence on your acquisition.
  • Negotiation, terms of acquisition and structuring with current owners and their advisors.
  • Negotiating and entering into agreements with operational farmers and tenants.
  • Ongoing farm management advice.
  • Input cost control and upgrade of farms.
  • Accounting and audit.
  • Legal advice.
  • Tax advice.

Premium crop farmland income
estimation over a 10 year cycle.

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