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Eco-friendly agricultural investment alternative

The heydays of incessant bullish stock markets are long gone. When you could throw a dart blindfolded at the stock page of the Wall Street Journal and be sure to make money are far gone.


Quantitative easing, speak pumping freshly minted currency into the markets to pump up all
asset classes across the board to keep the economies from collapsing, are faint memories of
better times.

Today, the FedECB and most Central Banks are battling with rampant inflation; a monster
that has become unleashed and is taking its inevitable toll in eroding value in virtually all
inflated assets classes, which have become all time favorites even for the most
inexperienced of investors.

The old Wall Street saying: ‘When taxi drivers start giving you stock tips, watch out’. This old
saying has been proven right again and investors around the world are licking their wounds
and looking for ways to stop the hemorrhaging of their investment portfolios.
‘This time it’s different’, the 4 most dangerous words according to investment Messiah John
Templeton, are proving more true than ever.

2008, the year when the world almost stopped, is long forgotten. 18 year old kids having
thrown money at any absurdity from NFT’s to obscure crypto altcoins created from thin air
out of Bulgarian basements to Bahamian penthouses in the case of FTX, have taught us all a
lesson: VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. If you can’t see it, feel it, touch it or understand it, just walk
away. Many would have saved millions.

And it’s about to get worse and we need to seriously consider looking outside the proverbial


A few inflation hedges have a successful history spanning hundreds and thousands of years
and have proven virtual life-savers during wars, famine and financial meltdowns.

Gold is one of them and it should be in everyone’s portfolio, not in the form of an ETF, or
gold shares, prone to contamination from falling stock markets, or what is generally referred
to as ‘correlation’, but in physical form. Bullion, coins, you can touch, feel, take with you and
sell, barter or exchange anywhere in the world. Something that has a true value and is real
and which will survive generations.

The drawback with Gold is that is not productive; it doesn’t pay dividends or generate any
income. It is a pure hedging mechanism which is to be put away in a safe somewhere, easily
accessible and forgotten about until the proverbial xxxx hits the fan!

However there is a much more attractive alternative, mostly overlooked by investors
around the world, as it’s not always easily accessible and can be complex to manage:
Actual income producing prime agricultural farmland, from crop farming to cattle to timber
farming in one of the safest countries in the world, the ‘Switzerland of South America’,


After many months of deeply focused and detailed preparation, we have finally launched
our long-awaited boutique property investment advisory group, Southland360®. We are
most pleased to open our doors high net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions.
Southland360® is the only firm qualified to offer institutions and private high net-worth
individuals and their family offices a comprehensive professional ‘end to end’ property
investment service in the unique space of acquisitions in prime agricultural farm land in

Uruguay, the ‘Switzerland of South America,’ one of the world’s vital bread-baskets, offers
investors one of the only existing, truly non-correlated, steady income generating, fast
appreciating asset classes.

Turbulent financial markets, rampant inflation and geo-political uncertainty make Uruguay
and its farmland the obvious choice and safe-harbor today for sheltering assets from
continued capital erosion and financial unpredictability.

Eco-friendly sustainable farms producing multiple harvests per year due to the country’s
exceptional soil quality offer a myriad of attractive choices, from cattle breeding, timber
production and coveted row crops, such as soya and wheat.

These farms offer guaranteed bi-annual income streams and steady land appreciation,
producing combined annual returns of up to 10% or more. Coupled with rising global
demand for agricultural commodities, farmland investments are a key addition to any
investor portfolio.

Please visit and take in the impressive presentation we offer for
this truly unique opportunity.

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