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Services & Fees

Southland 360 charges a one-time, flat Advisory Fee, ranging from an average of 1% to 5% of the transactional value, which covers all costs and expenses in connection with the purchase, except for the customary real-estate commission on the land and Notary charges, which are nominal.

This Advisory Fee is
payable in three stages:


Pre-Investment Stage:

30% upon agreeing on property advisory and purchase mandate to be signed with Southland 360.


Identification and Reservation
of Property:

30% payment upon signing the ‘Boleto de Reserva’, the pre-purchase contract, which requires a binding 10% deposit on the property


Purchase of Property:

40% payment on successful completion of the purchase and signing of off-take farming agreements, when and where applicable.

The Advisory Fee includes, without limitation, the following services during the acquisition stages:

Pre-Investment Stage advice.
Educating and Selecting.

  1. Choosing the right type of farm investment for your portfolio and financial needs is of paramount importance, and involves careful analyses of a wide range of factors. The first considerations are the buyer’s personal needs and preferences, from a financial perspective, involving expected level and timing of income streams as well as tax considerations in Uruguay and personal tax residence aspects.
  2. We are capable and experienced in working with our buyers trusted tax and financial advisors in their home countries to assist in an optimal structuring of the investment, be it under a trust or an offshore or Uruguayan corporation.
  3. We offer fully comprehensive legal and tax advice in Uruguay by our in-house Uruguayan lawyer.
  4. Assistance with opening bank accounts and personal introductions to local Uruguayan banks.
  5. Advice and analysis of various options of farmland investment, from crop, timber to cattle or a mix, through our licensed in-house Uruguayan Agronomist.
  6. On-site travel arrangements for buyer.
  7. Selection and vetting of appropriate farm investments.
  8. Independent due-diligence on every buyer’s short-listed option, including farming history, soil quality considerations, location and all matters relating to assuring a smooth and optimal future development.

Identification and Reservation
of Property.

  1. All legal work in connection with drafting and executing the ‘Boleto de Reserva’ and identifying and liaising with the Notary.
  2. Identifying and first negotiations with potential off-take and farm management companies to assure a seamless and swift operational start to farming operations, and first advance income payment to client.
  3. Preparation, execution and assembling of all necessary documentation and KYC required for the reservation.

Purchase of Property.

  1. All legal and notarial work and closing document review and preparation.
  2. Arrangements for buyer to travel to Uruguay and be present at closing.
  3. Signing of farm management and off-take agreements with farm operator to assure a seamless and swift income stream from bi-annual crop sales.

Post-sale monitoring of your investment. Southland360 will continue to be your trusted partner even after the purchase of your farm. We will regularly monitor the market conditions and changes in legal or tax rules, which may become relevant, as well as climate change and future opportunities to improve and optimize your farmland investment.

You will receive a quarterly comprehensive update by signing up to our S360 Monitor.

For a modest fee, we will carry out regular inspections and valuations of your land and report on the specific status of your farm and share any observations that might be of concern or impact.

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